The Children's Space


A lot of people living in India and abroad have come together to make this library what it is today. We wish to thank everyone of them

We have been able to circulate their books to you all primarily because they were in good condition. We would thus request you to take care of these books and return them to us in the condition you receive them.



Hello All,

We represent an online library called " The Children's Space" in Chennai. This is a not-for-profit library with nominal charges started with an intention to get parents to inculcate the reading habit in their children at a very early age.
Our library holds around 1000 books at present and aims to build a good catalogue of books especially for young readers.
Being a not-for-profit our operation strategies are as follows. Funds we get from our customers will be recycled into the sustenance and acquisition of new books. Overall expenses will be kept to a bare minimum, to enable keeping the charges attractive to a broader audience.
To help with our mission, we encourage anybody who has a keen interest in children and reading (and of course, reading for children) to help with suggestions, time and of course material.
We appreciate you reading this page and hope to hear from you!
The Children's Space.