The Children's Space

Recycled Eco-Art Course

Salma of Eco-Art Chennai conducted a 3 week course where children learnt to create art using different recycled materials.

Spoken Spanish for kids 6-10 years!

A fun, interactive 12 session Spanish class is on going at The Children's Space. This is being taught by Priya Swaminathan, a certified professional. The kids have a very good time in every class. The course is taught using a very nice pictorial Spanish book packed with activities for children. She also uses a lot of songs to teach the kids.

Monthly Storytelling by Kavitha and Debjani Aug 24, 2013.

We do monthly storytelling events which is covered as part of the 6 month membership plan.



Madras Week Storytelling! Aug 18, 2013.

We had a wonderful session on Sunday with Asha Sampath of Tale Spin and Kavitha and Debjani of Once Upon a Time...Tells a Tale. Stories were based on "Namma Chennai".

Asha narrated a self-written patriotic tale of "Madras...I was...I am" which touched everyone's hearts.

Kavitha educated the audience with the names and meanings of the various idols in our city's oldest temple "Kapaleeswar Temple".

Debjani took on the character of the Marina beach describing how her name came about and all the wonderful things that are a part of the beach.

This was followed by a nice activity. Groups comprising of 2  kids and an adult were given a character, a place, a situation and an object and had to come up with a story themselves. It was nice to see different age groups blend together to form stories.


Where Nature Meets Stories!

The second session of the series "Nature Meets Stories" was held at the Kotturpuram Tree Park developed by Nizhal. Dr. Eric Miller of the World Storytelling Institute captured the attention of the younger kids with his stories based on trees. Then it was the turn of Dr.T.D.Babu to capture the attention of older kids and adults with information on the various indigenous trees that Nizhal has carefully chosen and planted in the park. Please visit the park at leisure or with your kids on Sunday evenings to help Nizhal maintain it. Thanks!

Trash Tales by Asha Sampath

Spanish Storytime by Dina Caball

Dina from the Instituto Hispania conducting her Spanish story session with songs and art.